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HOPE worldwide are an international NGO working with some of the most disadvantaged and excluded people around the world. HOPE worldwide (UK) are one of almost 70 international affiliates who work with people in the UK who are often not eligible for statutory support and come to us as a last chance of getting help. This help is normally to do with homelessness or addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. The question of need is best answered by asking the question, ‘what would happen to many of our clients if HOPE worldwide did not exist?’ The answer is that in many cases these people would not have recourse to other support.

Internationally, HOPE worldwide (UK) provides support for affiliates in Afghanistan, India, Cambodia and Zambia among others. This support ranges from programme development and management support to advocating on their behalf and fundraising.

HOPE worldwide are a non proselytizing Christian faith based NGO with special consultative status with the UN.

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