Hope for Youth - Uganda

Organization Description: 

Hope for Youth - Uganda (HFYU) is registered in Uganda East Africa, as a Non-profit Orgarnization providing Support and Services to the Children and Youth of Mpoma Sub-county in Mukono District.

Mpoma sub-county has a population of over 600 Children and Youth between 12-22 years of age, who are vulnerable, destitute, socially underprivileged, most of whose parents, died of AIDS. These children are usually unable to find medical care and obtain a decent meal. They are too poor to obtain school materials. They suffer from poor Health, unsafe Water, and poor Educational background.

As it is the government policy to encourage Districts, NGOs, Individuals and other Groups to create projects to develop their own places independent of the government, HFYU felt the need to immediately fall in line as an NGO.

HFYU strives to address these problems by combining development projects with Education and Training and Health Services in order to create more opportunities for the youth to grow as leaders of positive social change to foster a life long commitment to active citizenship.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life among vulnerable children and the youth by
providing vital Education and Health Services and income generating activities for
Poverty Reduction.
The project is designed to provide access to Vocational Education and Health Care services for the vulnerable children and will initially focus on 50-100 orphans. They will be enrolled in comprehensive Primary, Secondary and Vocational Schools and shall receive Health Care Services plus Educational and scholastic materials. They shall be provided with cloths, shoes, receive blankets and other essential materials for the period they are at schools and later shall be assisted to acquire and / or create jobs for themselves for self sustenance.

The program will enable the children and the youth to optimally utilize the knowledge and skills being provided, and may be a joint effort to a fore-runner to similar vulnerable children and Youth communities in Uganda:-

(a) To drum awareness of forgotten youth and appeal to well wishers for Assistance of various kinds.

(b) To impress willing donors to make meaningful contribution that will help to improve the status of deprived youth + children, and to cultivate / develop mutual trust between the community and donor locals, so that a sincere, concrete and meaningful response is made.

Our objectives include among others:-

- To Sensitize, Promote and increase Awareness to reduce the spread of STIs / HIV / AIDS among the Youth and on how to protect themselves against such and other related diseases.
- To inspire, support, and promote youth engagement and the role of young people as leaders of positive social change, as a way to foster a lifelong commitment to active citizenship.
- To offer Primary, Secondary and Vocational Education to help, strengthen + support the youth to develop / acquire skills relevant to our local industries and business.
- To introduce and educate them about sustainable income-generating activities, environment management and self-help projects through DIY (Do It Yourself) for sustainability.
- To prepare children and youth to lead healthy lives by providing them with the knowledge and personal skills needed to make informed and healthy choices.
- Assist them to form groups with the aim of sensitizing them on acquisition of the spirit of togetherness and voluntarism, to promote Peace, Education and Cross Cultural Friendship among them.
- To provide information concerning adequate nutrition, manage water supplies and maintain domestic / sanitation facilities.
- To hold quarterly meetings with counseling aides, caretakers, guardians and orphans.
- To Solicit Support from Institutions and other charitable Organizations in the field of Youth Education and Health.
- To do other things for achieving the above Objectives.

Specific Activities:

-Enroll Children and Youth for Primary, Secondary and vocational studies.
-Sports activities to occupy the idle and build healthy bodies and moods.
-Drama group for the youth aiming at creation of awareness of STIs / HIV / AIDS.
-Offer Counseling Services to those affected and infected.
-Carry out home care visits to the children and their immediate families.
-Conduct training workshops on Sexual reproductive health, and encourage responsible behaviors.
-Bible study to promote God?s Love to support, encourage and strengthen one another.
-Hold quarterly meetings with counseling aides, caretakers, guardians, youth and orphans; religious leaders + local authorities.
-Introduce and Educate the Youth about sustainable Income-generating activities, Environmental Management, and Self Help projects.
-Provide information concerning adequate nutrition, Water supplies and Domestic Sanitation Facilities / Hygiene / Health etc.

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