Hospedaje Casa Escazu

Organization Description: 

Hospedaje Casa de Escazu is located in Escazu, San Jose, Costa Rica. This is a family company that have been around since 2004 and enlisted the aid of hundreds of volunteers from all over the world, witch ones come to our country to work on the ecological and social projects our company offer.

The farther you have to travel to get here and the eager you are to participate and learn about our great history and culture, the more we will appreciate and love you for your commitment to being the change in our great country. When you the volunteer dedicate your time and effort to us, we promise to dedicate all of our resources to making sure your efforts make the greatest difference possible.

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Costa Rica
Mission Statement: 

Our goal with every day that passes and why we even became a business entity is to provide an enjoyable and eye opening experience for each volunteer the spends time with our program in Costa Rica, while at the same time, dramatically increasing the quality of life for the local citizens and protecting the natural beauty that in its self makes my home Costa Rica, the unique and enchanting place that it is.

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