iCovenant Congregation Prep

Organization Description: 

iCovenant Congregation Prep Isge Mus-Ekklesia (iCC Prep) is the Para-Ministry aka "Third Place Ekklesia" of iCovenant Congregation, an Unincorporated Home Ekklesia located in North Baldwin, NY. Accordingly, iCC Prep serves as the education-discipleship arm of our "Second Place Ekklesia" better known as Place of Worship and Governorship; while the home is better known as the "First Place Ekklesia" where parents are admonished to speak to their children day and night about the wonders of the MOST HIGH.

Thus, we operate as a Specialized "Day" School in an individualized, ungraded multiage learning milieus where the Set Apart SPIRIT is intrinsic to our environment and disciples education is our number one focus.

Hour of Operation: Monday through Thursday, 7:00 AM7:00 PM Friday, 7:00 AM2:15 PM

3161 Royal Avenue
Oceanside, NY 11572
Mission Statement: 

iCovenant Congregation Prep Isge Mus-Ekklesia is purposed to raise the next generation of disciples with sword and shield to go forth as the S.A.L.T of the earth: Speaking, Acting, Leading and Thinking like the Christ the Messiah.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

iCovenant Congregation Prep Isge Mus-Ekklesia, a para-church ministry of iCovenant Congregation, believes Articles, Creeds, and Confessions of Faith alike, fail to give People of the Way the full knowledge of the MOST HIGH; of which is of utmost importance to our TRUST-walk in the MESSIAH, lived out loud in real time.

Moreover, Articles, Creeds, and Confessions are only man's impressions, inferences, and conclusions drawn from Scripture; having themselves in need of being judged by Scripture.

Hence, whatever TRUTH there may be in them. or, however, useful, they can never take the place of the unadulterated WORD of the MOST HIGH. Only the LIVING WORD and in the pages of the written WORD can we get to know the ONE TRUE LIVING CREATOR of Israel.

Thus, the Set-Apart Scriptures stand alone as iCovenant Congregation Prep Isge Mus-Ekklesia's source; reflective of our belief and trust in the ONE TRUE CREATOR of Israel. Therein, our articles, creeds, and confessions of TRUST are contained in its fullness of the GOOD NEWS

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