Iglesia Amor del Padre

Organization Description: 

Iglesia Amor del Padre is a bi-lingual (Spanish/English) church, located in Berwyn, Illinois and serves the Cicero / Berwyn / Pilson / Little Village communities.

Iglesia Amor del Padre is part of the Greater Chicago Church family. Together we have a burning desire to see revival come to Chicago.

6215 West 26th Street
Berwyn, IL 60402
Mission Statement: 

We will establish the divine destiny of the Latino People so that each man, woman, young person and child may live the purpose of his/her life to the fullest daily.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Iglesia Amor del Padre is a community made up of men, women, young people and children called by God to interact with one another, expressing the following fundamental values -our spiritual DNA- to accomplish his will:


We believe in the sincere, unconditional, and perfect form of love as the spark that ignites and initiates all of our actions toward God, one another, and ourselves. This unconditional love only comes from God alone.


We acknowledge the dignity and great worth that God has given to each individual as a fundamental value in seeing and treating one another and themselves as God does.


We believe that the transforming power of God grants each of us the authority, dominion, skills, gifts, and abilities to execute the divine destiny each one of us possesses. We believe that having on-going power encounters with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit is indispensable. These encounters allow the presence of God to impart over us the divine power to carry out his miraculous will.


We know that every human being has a purpose in life which is designed by God. We cultivate an environment through which every person may be able to discover and appropriate their purpose for his/her life their divine destiny- at whatever level of development. Therefore, we believe that the will of God which is good, perfect and pleasant- will not only be established in our lives and families but also in our communities, towns, cities and nations. We believe that the King has come - and so has his Kingdom - to redeem and restore every tribe and nation that may be lacking in the presence, peace and prosperity of God.

As children of God, we have the conviction that our Heavenly Father has given us the mandate to permanently implement his will in our lives and communities. We believe that this divine destiny can only be provided by God. In order for any person to know their destiny, it is first necessary to be reconciled with God through an intimate and personal relationship with his son, Jesus Christ.

As Latinos, we are a great and excellent creation of God, unique and special though no better nor worse than any other- because God has gifted us with a common language, shared traditions, a rich culture and a passionate heart.

Iglesia Amor del Padre acknowledges the individuality, purpose, dignity, integrity, value and contribution that each man, woman, young person and child possesses. We all play an important role in the fulfillment of the Latino Peoples divine destiny and we commit to creating opportunities for growth and expression for all.

We recognize the significance that we all have an inalterable identity in Christ Jesus as sons and daughters of God which may only be revealed through our on-going relationship with him. Therefore, in spite of the situation or circumstance, the love, grace, generosity, and faithfulness of God will transform all things for the better. The presence of our Father and his blessing cannot be limited by the condition or situation of our daily living. We believe that better and greater things are always yet to come!

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