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The International Humanity Foundation (IHF) is seeking forward-thinking, dynamic individuals of all ages/backgrounds to contribute to our orphanage and education centers in Jakarta, Bali, Aceh and Medan. IHF has grown over the past 25 years under the visionary leadership of Carol Sasaki (CEO) and the dedication of thousands of volunteers from around the world.
IHF is distinct from other NGO?s in this field as we practice the ?Pass it on? ethos in marginalized regions. We offer the privilege of education to those who without our organization could not reach it. IHF has no central headquarters, as each center is a product of its environment and follows the cultural code and norms of its host country. IHF ?Voluntourists? teach English, computer and math classes as well as maintaining relationships with local staff and the local population at every centre. The relationships formed between the children and Voluntourists are lasting as they remain in touch for years afterward.

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Mission Statement: 

At the centers, IHF requires its Voluntourists to work four hours a day at the center, six day a week. There is time to sightsee and tour the nation, but work remains an important priority. This is a unique position within IHF as it allows the volunteer firsthand experience in the field, also having time to explore the local area ? without the need to do international tasks like other volunteers. In Bali, the beautiful surroundings and historic spiritual sites offer a breathtaking experience for Voluntourists ? see our video for an overview of the roles we offer:

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