Imani Radio

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The main objective for which IMANI RADIO & T. V. MINISTRIES is established is

a. To Use Radio & T.V. to transmit and propagate the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the millions of people most of whom may never have had an opportunity to accept Christ as their personal Savior in Kenya and the rest of Africa.

b. To help those who become Christians through receiving the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord to grow towards spiritual maturity and understanding through our programming, the objective being the fulfillment of the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.

c. To help Christians to become established as active members of local churches and to work closely with churches of many denominations in complementing and helping to bring people to Christ and build them up in their faith through our daily broadcasts.

254 722 331412
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P.O. Box 669
Kitale, 30200
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