IMC Mission

Organization Description: 

IMC Mission is both an NGO and a Gospel and ST Childrens Development and Church Planting Ministry.
1. IMC Mission offers on the field Ministry opportunity to serve in rural Village
churches, with rural women's Fellowships, youth groups and kids.
Un organaized Sector Labour peoples, Volunteers are expected to exhibit and enhance their Spiritual gifts,
leagal advice to labour people, vocational talents, music, sewing, carpentry, computing etc with the
less privileged.
2. IMC Mission also need volunteers to come and train and teach our rural
pastors and revive the churches.
3. We expect the volunteers to stay from 2 weeks to 3 months.
4. IMC Mission l will not provide Air-Travel From or to the destinations, the
volunteers must bear this on their own.
5.IMC Mission will provide Indian styled accommodation, food and travel.

9.IMC Mission needs volunteers who will help us with a web-site, through
which we can collect on line donations and volunteers needed to
write project proposals.

IMC Campus, Indira Nagar, Katchur
Thiruvallure Dt, Tamilnadu,, 602026
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