Organization Description: 

Based out of Minneapolis, MN, Immerse is a discipleship organizations that focuses on individual believer's spiritual maturity, health and effectiveness through interactive and challenging weekly small-groups, inner healing sessions, training and mentoring, and leadership development. We have a strong focus on living wholeheartedly, realizing the fullness of who we were created to be while partnering powerfully with the Holy Spirit.

9778 Picket Dr
Eden Prairie, 55347, MN 55347
Mission Statement: 

Serving the global Body of Christ so that it can be as Mature, Healthy and Effective as possible.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We believe a person's faith is dynamic, fluid and often changing. We believe God allows room for doubt, questioning and disagreement with even the most basic elements of our faith and it is God's desire that those topics be discussed openly, prayerfully and without shame. We believe God desires to walk with us as we process these topics.

We believe we have a loving Father who is the focus of our relationship with the triune God. We are children of God, first and foremost. We believe we have immediate and full access to Him all the time and He is never far away.

We believe in the divinity and humanity of Jesus Christ, the One who has secured our adoption into the family of God and paid all debt of sin. Through Jesus complete work, we have full access to a vibrant, conversational relationship with God Himself as we trust what He has accomplished all on our behalf. We believe Jesus has given us the authority of His name. We believe Jesus will come again.

We believe in a relationship with the Holy Spirit who empowers us in all things to live out who we were created to be and who we are saved to be. We believe in an active partnership with the Holy Spirit as He brings supernatural gifts as an active part of the Christian's life (i.e. Prophecy, Tongues, Healing, Miracles, Hearing God's Voice etc.).

We believe the Bible is authoritative and the only foundational source of doctrine. It is useful, powerful and gives a true and accurate testimony to Jesus Christ. The Bible is inspired by God, trustworthy and perfectly used by God according to His strategy of revealing Himself and bringing His Kingdom to earth. In the case of controversy, official policy or unresolvable conflict, the Board of Directors will stand as the final interpretive authority for Immerse's official stance regarding scripture.

We believe all humans are created with immeasurable value and one's value does not increase or decrease for any reason (i.e. sin, good works, relationship with God, worshiping of Satan etc.).

We believe sin is always destructive and God, out of love for us, desires all his children to address and resolve all past and present sins through the finished work of Jesus. We believe that no human is able to remove sin or the effects of sin on his own without the finished work of Jesus.

We believe in the reality of Satan, demons and hell. We believe all things of the Kingdom of Darkness are active realities that interact with the world we experience on a daily basis. We believe our God is much bigger and we get to partner with Jesus who came to destroy all the works of the Kingdom of Darkness.

We believe in the unity of the global Church. We believe in partnering with other believers, churches, ministries and movements. We believe Immerse will never fulfill all aspects of the Church and we must partner with others in order to fulfill the mission that has been given to the Church.

We believe, in obedience to the Bible and as a public statement of uniting one's self to Jesus Christ, all Christians should get water baptized.

We believe Communion (the Lord's Supper) is a powerful spiritual act that should be practiced regularly in remembrance of Jesus Christ.

We believe in the resurrection of the dead and that all Christians will receive new physical bodies.

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