Ing. Jose tulio Gomez Christian Bilingual School

Organization Description: 

Our organization is a christian bilingual school in the western part of Honduras, Central America. Our community is called San Marcos in the state of Ocotepeque. It is a mountanious area, and it is near the borders with the countries of El Salvador and Guatemala. The main economical activity is the cultive of coffee (high altitude coffee). It is a small community about 6,000 peopleand it has the basic services such as running water, electricity, hospital, banks, market, etc.
At our school we teach the students, to speak and write both in english and spanish. We also develop their computer skills. They are also formed spiritualy thru Bible class. We believe in non-formal education so every year we organize one or two field trips to other parts of the country where they can see and know things that we do not have in our community such as museums, paper factories, the newspaper company, ecological parks, the caribbean sea and many other.

Organizational Email:
Barrio El Centro
San Marcos, 504
Mission Statement: 

Our mission is to create the conditions necessary to offer in an educational enviroment, according to the neccessities of our society, strenghtening the intelectual capacity of the student thru the learning and use of the newest technology, accompanied by the knowledge and understanding of the Word of God, so at the end of the educational procees they will become successfull professionals and persons and worthy to our society.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We believe in Excellency, obedience and discipline. We also emphasize in the need to love each other and always serve just as Jesus Christ came to the world to serve and show us that God is a loving Father, strict but forgiving.
The moral values of honesty, responsability, thruthfullnesss, caring, and forgiveness are reinforced thru the year.
One of our phrases is God made you unique and special because He loves you and no metter the circumstances yone must see His greatness. At the end of the dessert, there is a reward/blessing for you.

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