INMED - The Institute for International Medicine

Organization Description: 

We are committed to the forgotten. We are called to serve the neediest, most disadvantaged people of the earth. We seek to relieve their suffering and to assist in making sustainable improvements in their lives. We seek to engage them, to promote their voice, and to offer our hands and feet in service. We respect those in need as active participants, not passive recipients, in this relationship.

We value all human life. We regard all individuals as created and loved by God. We respect dignity, uniqueness, diversity and intrinsic worth of all people - regardless of wealth, social status, and or ability to reciprocate our efforts. We encourage these virtues in all of our working relationships, including staff, volunteers, donors, community, and those receiving our support.

We are stewards. We are managers, not owners, of the resources made available to us on behalf of the forgotten of this world. We are transparent and honest in our communications and relationships with our partners, communities, and governments. Not only are we stewards of resources but of people. We strive to ensure that all of our activities, programs, and services are efficient and effective.

We are partners. We are partners with those we serve as well as with those who invest into our shared mission. Our relationships are purposeful, diverse, and encourage mutual participation in achieving the mission. We seek cooperation and partnerships with other organizations and groups that share our vision.

6400 Prospect Ave. Ste. 338-A
Kansas City, MO 64132
Mission Statement: 

INMED's mission is to equip healthcare professionals & students with the unique skills to serve forgotten people.

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