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Welcome to Inside Out, a Christian Organization founded in 1998 by William Stout. Our mission is Creating Positive Change from the Inside Out - through Jesus Christ. Positive Change in the lives of at-risk youth Inside Out Youth addresses important community issues by helping youth build self esteem and character. You can give troubled and at risk youth hope by partnering with us as we teach kids important life skills that will help them turn away from destructive attitudes, decisions and relationships. As advocates of at-risk we are working with churches, families, businesses, and individuals to turn despair into hope, broken dreams into bright futures. Positive Change in our community As we work with at-risk youth to promote positive inner change, our communities will reap the benefits. As more and more youth turn from crime, vandalism and the drug trade, our streets will become safer and our businesses more profitable. We believe that entire neighborhoods will be transformed as Inside Out Youth's services expand over the next few years. Positive change in the lives of our partners Inside Out Youth is an essential, cost effective way to solve many of Clark County's problems. As churches, families, businesses and neighbors come together to achieve a common vision of community transformation, we will become energized and encouraged by what we can accomplish together. We are committed to using every means available to us to show the love of Christ, bringing about change which will endure for eternity. Through weekly youth groups, mentoring, building relationships, character building, meeting needs (food, clothes, shelter) and re-parenting, we are making a difference, shaping character and attitudes from the Inside Out. Since 1999 we have been holding youth meetings every Saturday, with total attendance now in the thousands. We have provided more than 5,000 meals so far. We also provide work programs for kids to earn school clothes and school supplies, shoes, and winter coats (many of them have no other source). In times of special need we provide groceries to their families as well. In this way we are able to build relationships with our youth and their families in addition to our weekly functions. We have established a good rapport with parents, school and court officials as we get involved in the daily affairs of our kids. We believe that real change, change that lasts, must come from the Inside Out.

501 S. Wittenberg Ave
Springfield, OH 45506
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