International Orthodox Christian Charities

Organization Description: 

Since its inception, IOCC has administered more than $250 million in humanitarian relief, sustainable development and self-help programs throughout the world. Our overhead rate is 92%. This means that 92 cents of every dollar you give us goes directly to our programs and development projects.

All assistance is provided solely on the basis of need, and benefits orphans, refugees and displaced persons, the elderly, school chidren, families and people with disabilities.

Since 1992, IOCC programs have helped people in 33 countries, including Albania, Argentina, Ethiopia, Greece, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Jerusalem/West Bank, Lebanon, Mexico, Nicaragua, the Republic of Georgia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Romania, the Russian Federation, Serbia, Turkey, and the United States. Since the need for help is great, IOCC continually works to expand its programs to other areas.

You don?t have to be Orthodox Christian to appreciate the great work IOCC does. Through partnership with local community organizations in more than a dozen countries, we are creating
lasting, positive change on a broad scale.

410 243 9820 ext .13
Organizational Email:
410 243 9824
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Baltimore, MD 21204
Mission Statement: 

The mission of IOCC is to respond to the call of our Lord Jesus Christ to minister to people in need throughout the world, sharing with them God's gifts of food, shelter, economic self-sufficiency and hope.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We are not a church or mission organization. We are a humanitarian aid organization. All assistance is provided solely on the basis of need.

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