International Wellness Network, Inc., a global missions ministry serving as co-creator,

Organization Description: 

Our mission is to establish "GARDEN OF EDEN TRANSFORMATIONAL CENTERS, in targeted neighborhoods in the Urban Centers across America, Africa and Latin America, utilizing our 7-Principles to Optimal Wellness approach to empowering the individuals within the community, with the overall result being the community in which we serve will work together to empower themselves as an overall community, where the community children can thrive.

Through our GARDEN OF EDEN TRANSFORMATIONAL CENTERS' model, we empower communities toward self sufficiency. We provide training and certifications for leaders within the communities that would like to establish a Garden of Eden Transformational Model within their community. We serve as partners supporting the community initiative through training, mentor-ship, as well s active partnership that ensures an individual/community to reach their ultimate goal in creating a "poverty free world, where all children can thrive". We serve as conference and seminar leaders and other teaching methodologies that will inspire individuals and communities to take charge of their health from a "holistic" perspective.

Garden of Eden Transformation Center for Women provides workshops, training and development; life coaching and support in every areas of women's lives to help them develop into success conscious women. God created every woman to be the mirror of success for herself, her family and her community. We provide all of the tools for women to be all they can be utilizing our 7- Principles to Optimal Wellness.

We provide coaching services by appointment Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. We also have seminars, workshops, entrepreneurship training. We also host "Sacred Studies and Prayer Circles supporting building and keeping faith alive within ourselves and our community.

Our International Wellness Network, Inc. Social Entrepreneurs Training for Limited Income Women and Men program's goal isto create communities that are One in Spirit, celebrating the diversity of cultures and traditions, providing growth opportunities for our future generations to inherit. Through culturally diverse leadership training and community organization trainings that we offer to the community are: -Educating youth through film making, art and entertainment. -Celebrating democracy through cultural diversity training. Our Train the Trainers program provides avenues for individuals with the "gift for gab", a sincere concern to empower our communities for future generations, interest in how our world is shaped, and he inhabitants within it to be a 21st Century Community Transformer. -Business/Customer Etiquette in a global community training. -Health and wellness coaches training for diverse communities. -Elders training to keep our history alive through Elder storytelling and wisdom teachings. This program trains men and women in social entrepreneurship. We host conferences, workshops and seminars to train individuals on the above topics.

Through our Youth Nation Green Corp, supporting healthier and greener communities, for our community youth ages 6-18 we provide training and development for conscious centered entertainment and entrepreneurship,

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Brooklyn Center, MN 55430
Mission Statement: 

a global missions ministry, serving as co-creator, creating a "poverty free world, where all children can thrive" . Our mission is focused primarily on limited income families, families of color focused, but not limited to families living within the urban centers of America, Africa and Latin America, incorporating our organizations 7 Principles to Optimal Wellness for a community. These principles are:

1. Spirituality - exploring the meaning and purposes in life: values, ethics, love, friendships, kindness, forgiveness, charity, trust, and gratitude. 2. Intellectual - stimulating the mind and creatively using resources available to expand knowledge, education, continuing education, libraries, reading and cultural activities. 3. Emotional - recognizing one's feelings and relating to others positively: goal setting, planning, expression of feelings, assertiveness and stress management. 4. Physical - striving toward optimal health and fitness with a proactive lifestyle, activity, recreation, nutrition, weight management, smoke free living, medical, self care, self exams, appropriate use of medical care and chemical *drug and alcohol) control. 5. Socio-environmental - responsible and cooperative interaction with the world around us, family planning, friends, building social support, community involvement, volunteerism, safety and pollution control. 6. Economical - striving for fulfillment in one's life through work: career planning, continuing education, leadership training, decision making, time management, retirement planning, and entrepreneurial opportunities. 7. Political - actively involved within the community, government, assisting in creatively defining and developing a "well conscious" public policy system inclusive of all citizens based on culturally sensitive traditions, that make up a community.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We believe all of God's children are created in the image and likeness of Him, therefore all of God's children are at the core of themselves GOOD! We work to get past limited categorization of God's people, and see ourselves as One, One In Spirit and Mind, as the Body of Our Father!.

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