Intrepid Hospice

Organization Description: 

Intrepid Hospice provides palliative and supportive care services to the terminally ill patient and family. Our objective is to provide the terminally ill and their families with care to allow the patient to remain at home as long as possible up to and including death, if that is the patient's desire. We strive to promote physical, psychological, social and spiritual well being for the terminally ill and their families through the integration of all hospice services.

2430 Southland Dr.
Chester, VA 23831
Mission Statement: 

Intrepid USA Hospice recognizes dying as a normal life process and focuses on enhancing the quality of remaining life. Intrepid affirms life and neither prolongs nor hastens death. During the last phase of life, the goal of Intrepid is to assist with the development of a caring community that can provide comprehensive services to patients and families. It is the hope and belief of Intrepid that, through supportive palliative care and open communication, the patient and family will attain a degree of physical, emotional and spiritual preparation for death satisfactory to them.

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