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IRFF ONLUS Moldova (IRFF ONLUS was founded from the inspiration of IRFF Italy) is a non-governmental, and is a public, non-profit agency working to eliminate poverty, malnutrition, and disease. Founded in June 2001(we was officially registered in June 2001 at Moldova Justice department), IRFF ONLUS Moldova has sought to accomplish this goal by creating and sponsoring development projects that stimulate an exchange of knowledge, skills, and service between developed and developing countries. From its registration time we took responsibility for" Long distant adoption " project which was running already for 5 years in Moldova.
IRFF ONLUS also networks and cooperates with other non-profit organizations and agencies that desire to provide some level of humanitarian aid and assistance worldwide or that have a similar purpose and vision to that of IRFF ONLUS. The primary work of IRFF ONLUS stresses the value and importance of sustained long-term development and assistance. However, many of IRFF ONLUS’s relief programs also seek to provide rapid shipments of valuable supplies to alleviate the suffering and hardship of people left helpless by tragic circumstances such as war, natural disasters, and famine. Overall, our projects focus within three major categories:
1. Educational - including literacy programs, basic educational projects, vocational training, agricultural programs and service-learning programs.
2. Health-care - involving shipment of medical supplies, equipment, and pharmaceuticals; health and nutritional programs and seminars. HIV/AIDS prevention projects. still in development
3. Basic disaster and immediate short-term relief projects - which include both the provision of relief items and also our youth, volunteer activities. still in development
IRFF ONLUS also believes quite strongly in volunteer youth service programs and service learning.
Our 3-step service-learning programs for volunteers are based on universally recognized standards and principles. We use a network of experienced trainers and youth workers to implement the education program and manage the voluntary service.
The projects are carried out with a wide variety of project partners - voluntary organizations, charities, and agencies large and small. The result is a life enhancing experience for everyone involved, participants, Beneficiaries and staff alike.
IRFF ONLUS is about people working side-by-side with people as one global family. It is about connecting heart to heart on those issues and concerns that matter most to us. Only by working in this manner can we begin to resolve some of the many problems that plague our global village.

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Volunteer for: Media, IT, Image maker, Organizing free time for children in orphanages, Teachers of English, Fundraising placements. PLEASE HELP US TO FIND VOLUNTEERS TO COME TO REPUBLIC OF MOLDOVA FOR A JOB.
Placements description: We are seeking year around youth for Volunteer applications to work for our rapidly growing, fast-paced non-profit organization. We are looking for youth who is able to take initiative, and has good written and verbal communication skills. Though not a pre-requisite, the following background is preferred: a demonstrated interest in such subjects as international relations, peace building and fundraising, etc NGOs related deals. Enthusiasm for our mission is as important as experience and specific academic background, however. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to learn more about peace building, meet members of the nonprofit community in Moldova, and learn the logistics of a membership organization. Additional you will have opportunity to visit MoldovaÂ’s historical and holly places, also study Russian or Romanian languages etc.
Our Organization seek full-time law students, graduate students, undergraduate and other Volunteer will have the opportunity to be exposed to a wide range of work and experiences.
Following placements are available at our Association, NGOs, orphanages, medical and other places of our partners:
• Media -Writing articles etc. media work
• IT - Administration of networks and computers, - Migration of computers from Windows to Linux
• Image maker -Making booklets, - Creating video spots, -Creating thematic photos, - Making promotional materials
• Organizing free time for children in orphanages: - Sport trainers, - Swimming trainers, -Team building games
• Teachers - English
• Fundraising -Writing grant proposals, Attract sponsors and investors 1. Looking and find sponsors for the planed project of Association, 2. Looking and find sponsors or foundations where could be sent projects proposals of Association
3. Fill out projects applications proposals of Association
4. Keep contact and constant update information with sponsors and foundations about applied project
5. Asking projects coordinator or director any questions concerning well writing of projects proposals
6. Help edit in English and well write already write projects proposal of Association
7. Find proper statistics to show importance of the project proposal
8. Connect association with International communities by developing partnerships and constantly promote image of Association
9. Active work with Association team in implement of its projects
10. Came with initiatives to develop related programs.
11. Sharing best practices with Association team members
12. Assist Association work in maintaining our field programs & partners
Volunteer duties may include also the following:
• Event planning
• Fundraising
• Country research
• Program research
• Maintaining databases
• Logistical support
• Proofreading and writing reports
etc. office and field work
Other data: Country – Moldova, Region -Moldova, City- Chisinau, Moldova,
Duration- Between 1 - 40 Months
Start date- flexible
Remuneration- € 0 per month
Working week- full-time
Training- Provided
Required languages- English
Organization is will help to look for and find Accommodation
The cost of the program is 200 euros and includes meeting in airport, placement arrangements and all administrative costs regarding you placement.
We provide non-paid Volunteer placement and Volunteer will cover all his personal expenses during Volunteer programs however Volunteer program and education is for free.
Application instructions:
Email or mail resume, cover letter, Curriculum Vitae, education and professional, experience on personal email: We are waiting good news from all of you. After contacting us, we will offer more information about these issues. Some info about us on
Apply now!
Relief and Friendship Moldova Team - Join an international forerunner of leaders, who by living for the greater good, are transforming the world to be one worldwide family of humankind under God to live in peace and prosperity. Through relief and friendship, we constantly help orphans, children, youth, families, and communities.
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