Jaguar Creek Mission and Conference Center

Organization Description: 

Jaguar Creek is designed to have a low impact on the environment. On our reserve of 712 acres, only four acres have been set aside for our human community. Raised wooden boardwalks have been installed throughout the facility. These not only provide a safe walkway for humans, they prevent compaction of the soil and cause less disruption to animals and insects that live or migrate on the ground. While we do have a backup generator, almost all of our electrical needs are supported through solar power.

We have eight private guest cabanas, two bunkhouses, a chapel/classroom, office and dining lodge. The dining room has a thatch roof constructed with Bay Palm leaves, similar to many Belizean homes. Rooms are ventilated through an open design with floor fans provided for additional cooling in the hot months. Each building and cabin boasts beautiful "jungle views" of an incredible assortment of vines, trees, birds and even the occasional vine snake.

Our water is drawn from our private namesake river, Jaguar Creek and little is wasted as our bathrooms are installed with composting toilets. For hot water, we use inline, propane water heaters. Since these run on demand only, they save energy compared to a tank that is constantly kept at high temperature. Guests and volunteers quickly settle into the peaceable "low drain" lifestyle of Jaguar Creek: we have few electronic gadgets, no televisions and not very many spare outlets waiting to service modern day toys.

Hummingbird Hwy Mile 42
Belmopan, 94588
Mission Statement: 

Jaguar Creek Mission & Conference Center is a facility operated by Jaguar Creek Ministries. Located in Belize, Central America, the Center acts as a home base for service in the nearby schools, housing teachers and short-term program workers. It also hosts conferences and workshops.
The Center has been widely acclaimed for its natural beauty and innovative design. Used to host programs run by Jaguar Creek Ministries, the Center is also available for other service groups, research teams, or recreational visits.

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