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Jambo Africa Tourism Organization Network whose acronym name JATONET KENYA is a Community Based Organization (CBO) in Western Kenya headquartered in Bungoma town addressing four major issues: Eco-tourism, Nature conservancy, Socio-cultural diversity and developing new skills. JATONET KENYA deals with all aspects of environmental sustainability and community well being, in other words, with community based, equitable and sustainable management of natural resources, the generation of local wealth and empowerment of local communities for their own social and cultural wellbeing. JATONET KENYA was established to help develop environmental, economic and social policies in favor of sustainable livelihoods in different contexts on environment.

Bungoma, 50200
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About Us

We are located in Bungoma town, Muteremuko road next to Maps Hotel opposite to Nabukelema Steel Works. We are 30 Km away from the Kenya-Uganda border and approximately 450 Km west of Nairobi capital city of Kenya. Our activities are within the western region and Mt. Elgon ecological zone whose diverse fauna and flora is quite unique for adventure.

MISSION: As part of our mandate to conservation of our environment, JATONET KENYA aims at protected areas to surrounding lands looking at ecological, economic, institutional and cultural aspects. Western Kenya is one of the marvels of the world. In conjunction with other stake holders, we will organize for ways to support the local communities to apply their indigenous wisdom of natural resource management systems to conserving the unique endemic plant resources including community-declared protected areas and to development of their community based eco-tourism initiatives. /*VISION */ JATONET KENYA aims to develop, achieve, support and demonstrate context specific solutions to local environmental and livelihoods problems.

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STRATEGY: The demand for food, clean water, health and employment is a challenge to many communities. In many cases, social and economic development is given priority over conservation, leading to unsustainable use of eco-systems which perpetuates the downward spiral of environmental degradation and hardship. Our immediate task begins with identifying and contacting local communities that shall strive to meet their livelihood needs in environmentally friendly ways. The community will be assisted to identify, understand and the community will need to be well informed and aware about the successfully tackle their key problems and opportunities. To this end, many environmental, social, cultural, economic and political dimensions that affect their lives and the many ways in which their actions affect their local environment. The first step will be to develop participatory insights into what a community knows and does, including its patrimony of local, traditional and indigenous knowledge and expertise in the management of natural resource, what challenges it faces and what opportunities are available to it. This understanding shall be oriented towards community empowerment. The second step of the approach shall be based on the capacities of local communities to organize themselves on basis of understanding they manage to gain. In other words, the community that wish to respond to the problems and opportunities they have identified, will be encouraged to structure themselves in equitable ways and to plan for action, asking for help they need and as much as possible, joining forces with social actors. Our organization will facilitate on Case-by-case basis, establishment of effective partnerships, enabling the community to act-learning practical and policy lessons together in every step of the way.

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