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Organization Description: 

Queensland University (UQ) is a leading resource for Christian Higher Education (CHE) in Haiti with more than 550 students from ten (10) departments of Haiti enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, Seminary, and adult education programs in 1996. Queensland University (UQ) delivers a complete education characterized by a distinctive integration of Christian faith and practice with academic excellence. This Complete Education, which includes liberal arts studies and professional preparation, does not suggest a finished education. Rather, it reflects Queensland commitment to the comprehensive development of each student-spiritually, intellectually, socially and physically, to prepare graduates for life and eternity and we see in the Bible: John 10:27-18 Eternal life in Christ is the goal of all.

P.O.Box 13042 Campus Hinche
Port-au-Prince, TN 1620 HT
Mission Statement: 

Queensland University is committed to teach truth as revealed in God?s word through daily Bible classes and chapel, encouraging each student to an exploration of scripture, to know Jesus Christ and to grow in his image. Classes in every area are taught in a faith informed approach by highly qualified faculty who represent the range of perspectives that exist among Evangelical Churches. Faith informed learning encourages students to understand that all knowledge and skills are to be used to the glory of God in every pursuit. Because of its adheres to central doctrinal interpretations that characterize these Christian Churches in Haiti while creating an inclusive environment that respect and welcome all who seek an excellence education in a Christian context. Queensland is the best Christian Evangelical University to pursue a Christian education in the Caribbean Region.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Boldly informed and motivated by the Christian faith, Queensland University (UQ) educates and energizes men and women for excellence in Leadership, Scholarship, and service. We prepare graduates to serve in strategic capacities to renew minds, live out biblical truth, transform culture, and advance the Gospel in Haiti and in the world.

Secondly: Queensland University (UQ) is a private coeducational institution, whose principal focus is undergraduate education in the Liberal Arts and Sciences, combined with a number of pre-professional fields and master degree programs. Its primary mission is to integrate Christian faith and practice with academic excellence. The mission is carried out not only in the classroom but also by involvement in numerous services to the church and the larger community.

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