Jesus Foundation Church

Organization Description: 

Jesus Foundational Ministries is a ministry that is divided into three parts. (1) Links: this acts as a link to Volunteers and aid workers who would like to do thier work in East and Central Africa but do not have any clue of how to go about it. We do research, groundswork, like to other ministries and charites and churches. (2) The Church : we are church planters and have a total of ten churches so far. (3) We also aim to support rural pastors in thier work.

P.O BOX 35765
Kampala, 256774
Mission Statement: 

We aim to take the gosple to the unreached corners of Africa.
We aim to touch people's lives through health, support, care etc.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We believe in: The word of God, Jesus Christ as the true son of God, the Holy spirit and his works, the death and ressurection of Jesus Christ, the remissions and washing away of sins by his shed blood, His second coming and taking of the righteous with him.

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