J.I.N. Foundation

Organization Description: 

JIN ( Joint Initiative Non-profitable ) Foundation is an apolitical, non-governmental organization found in Cameroon with objective to bring about social change through the involvement of youths towards innovative initiatives for development.

These involvements include project proposals as realizations ...

Working with prior objective as our millennium development goal, JIN Foundation seeks for possible solutions towards poverty alleviation for the development of our grassroots communities through research programs; including the execution of micro as macro projects for progress.

JIN Foundation mission is to inspire youths in peace, initiate with them while working towards development to innovate our fatherland Cameroon, and the Global Community.

H.Q. Buea road, Kumba
Douala, 3342
Mission Statement: 
Organizational Statement of Faith: 

JIN Foundation being an apolitical organization stands a long way to work for good. With her objective to develop youths in Cameroon towards visionary commitments, JIN-F aspires to seek for the understanding of our Lord Jesus Christ to be th leader into the battle of fighting against poverty and corruption in our grassroots community.

On the other hand, JIN Foundation seeks for social change for the good of humanity.

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