Jireh Solidarity

Organization Description: 

Jireh Solidarity is the social branch of Jireh Technologies, a commercial business specialized in providing various computer services to companies and individuals. It was in the course of our lucrative business that we came to realize the need for a non-profit ministry that would empower Christians and minister to young people in the wider society as they prepare their future. The idea Jireh Solidarity represents our response to the needs we felt on the ground.

1780, Av I. Babanguida
Burkina Faso
Mission Statement: 

This initiative concerns a partnership between Jireh Solidarity and individuals or Organizations interested in supporting the development of community centers for the benefit of students and young people who have dropped out of school in the city of Ouagadougou. The targeted people group lack access to educational infrastructure such as reading rooms, computer lab, library, facilities for sport and recreational activities, etc.

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