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shantinagar 72/10 r
khanewal, 58150
Mission Statement: 

Greeting in the name of Jesus Christ because he is greet and his name is shining in the universe and he was create whole the universe but he is love men and he was give his life for men sin and I am little servant of Jesus Christ and we are live in Pakistan and here Christian face much problem but we have one goal and we are prayer about this goal and .we are want change Pakistan Muslim society and culture (with the help of holy spirit) here population are 97 person Muslim and they hate the Christian and did not like give job to Christian . I request you prayer us and we are believe one day we will change Muslim mind and culture and they will accept Jesus Christ

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Faith. Hope. Ministry- base on Jesus education and spread Jesus message but we use different way. And we are preaching the gospel. Many different religion people benefit and know education of the Jesus
Basically we are service the Jesus and social actives in backward areas. And struggle to develop thought of the peoples, not only social, economic development but also we change old thought just like magic believe and unnecessary old custom As cruel on women, human violence We give true education of mankind, trust about Jesus and Holy Spirit, we believe one day we will change the backward areas and everyway see peace and love and every one worships and prayers Jesus
We are believe, love and only hope of Jesus but Jesus open many ways to incitation his mission and establish our courage. Jesus has selected you to proclaiming his name. And help the worries peoples. Please keep touch us in your prayer and helpfulness hand and you encourage to the ministry.

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