Joint Initative Non-profitable Foundation

Organization Description: 

With the millennium development goal of eradicating poverty and corruption before 2015 in our societies, JIN Foundation has as objective to inspire, innovate and initiate activities amongst youths and humans for the development of our community and the global village. With diverse world of potential and resourceful values of our society, it is a challenge for us to merge into the global village of interactive.

Organizational Email:
JIN Foundation
Head office Bonanjo, Douala, 3342
Mission Statement: 

Joint Initiative Non-profitable Foundation is an apolitical socio-cultural, non-governmental organization in Cameroon with objective to alleviate poverty and corruption in our community and the global village. With our dispersively rich potentials from Cameroon, we are out to empower and orientate youths on their potential benefits against an advance global village.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

With Christianity being our base of faith in Cameroon, it is obligatory for members to be registered as religious believers with our organization. JINF has as objective through faith to develop the spirit of mutual understanding and co-operation for the development of our community and the global marketplace.

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