Joyful Hearts Organization

Organization Description: 

Joyful Hearts Organization hereafter referred to as JHO is a Swazi based not for profit organization founded in August 2011 for the purpose of caring and nurturing the lives of refugees in Swaziland irrespective of their country of origin, reach out to Swazi people affected and infected by HIV & AIDS, TB, as well as alleviate poverty. Our aim is to promote human rights through the provision of humanitarian aid and socio-economic assistance to disadvantaged people and thus creating hope for a better future.

Mandlenkosi Building
Manzini, M200
Mission Statement: 

Motivated by the love of the Lord Jesus Christ, Joyful Hearts purposes to promote the message of peace, justice, prosperity, and spiritual transformation as manifested in the teachings of Jesus Christ in the New Testament. Therefore, Joyful Hearts shall always endeavour to empower people to unite and strive towards a common goal of self-sustainability in socio-economic matters through establishing centres of hope in different communities, building imaginary bridges whereby believers and non-believers could co-exist in tolerance to one another fostering personal growth in all spheres of personal life. Joyful Hearts assisted individuals shall be expected to respect human rights, fight for self-sustainability in socio-economical matters, and be tolerant to people of different beliefs and mores. Joyful Hearts shall partner with other organizations promoting similar ideals.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Faith not Accompanied by Action is Dead (James 2:17)

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