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1. What is JUR-TETENA?

2. What does JUR-TETENA do?

3. Who supports JUR-TETENA?

4. What are present activities of JUR-TETENA?

5. What are future plans of JUR TETENA?

6. How is JUR-TETENA managed?

7. How can JUR-TETENA receive assistance?

1. What is JUR-TETENA?

JUR-TETENA in Mundari means community development itÂ’s a charitable, non-political, non-partisan and non-profit making organization initiated by South Sudanese professionals with many years of experienced members working with relief and development in South Sudan and elsewhere in Africa.

2. What does JUR TETENA do?

The primary goal of JUR-TETENA is to encourage, participate in and enhance the efforts of fellow South Sudanese in child and teacher education, food production and clean water provision at the community level.

3. Who supports JUR-TETENA?

In JUR-TETENA we believe that effective transformation of any society, such us ours in South Sudan, requires a joint concerted effort of multiple players of which the sympathetic international community, and donor agencies, provides the needed essential resources, the people for whom the support is meant and those who have volunteered to provide their skills and knowledge to cause the desired change. Therefore, JUR-TETENA has not yet got any financial support from but willing to work in partnership with any international community based NGOs to serve the needy people in south Sudan.

4. What are present activities of JUR-TETENA?

JUR-TETENA has not involved in any project implementation as a matter of concern we have just submitted our request of support to NGO. Like DFID, CARE INTERNATIONAL, OXFARM, who promised to reply us any time

5. What are future plans of JUR-TETENA? 2010 and beyond.

Construction of the schools projects in Terekeka to full education unit.
STI Additional efforts were made in to expand the facility through construction of workshops in the Institute to strengthen and consolidate the Skills Training Institute (STI) to offer Carpentry & Joinery, Tailoring and dress Making, Masonry and Brick Practice. This will significantly increased the number of youth undergoing the training from various regions of South Sudan. Support girl child education. Mostly in Terekeka county where the turn up of education is poor.

Health as a matter of priority, JUR-TETENA will commence construction of Hospital as part of its efforts to provide health facilities and services to the people of South Sudan. This is a sector that is of great concern and JUR-TETENA plans for the year 2010 will be to complete the hospital and operationalize it.
JUR-TETENA want to further enhance its health portfolio by facilitating provision of medicines to all the schools in south Sudan and particular Central Equatorial State HIV-AIDS is also to be integrated in JUR-TETENAs health programs because of its cross cutting and holistic impact.
Jur-tetena in its efforts to contribute towards provision of conducive learning environment in South Sudan will entail efforts to complete the schools under construction as well as building additional blocks to the existing schools to make them complete primary schools. In this regard

Clean water and sanitation Provision of clean water is imperative in JUR-TETENA efforts to fight communicable diseases caused by consuming unsafe water. This will be achieved by soliciting for support to drill boreholes in the schools rehabilitated or constructed or at points which will be identified by the local communities and which will have maximum benefit to a wider population. As a result the provision of clean water is deemed to have a positive impact in reducing waterborne diseases to the local people.
Provision of clean water and good sanitary conditions particularly to the primary schools pupils is critical and forms part of JUR-TETENAs key areas of concern calling for urgent attention and reinforcement.

6. How is JUR-TETENA managed?

7. JUR-TETENA is managed on the principle of accountability and transparency. The organization has a Board, technical committees and management committees at various levels.
8. The organization will be accountable to its beneficiaries and donors. There will be an annual gathering which will takes place in representatives of local leaders among the beneficiaries, donorsÂ’ representatives and management personnel.

9. 7. How can JUR-TETENA receive assistance?

10. Please give your support to the people of South Sudan through JUR-TETENA and be assured of maximum utilization and accountability.
11. We encourage that donor agencies representatives visit their projects sites to carry out their independent evaluation of the projects for relevance, transparency and accountability and for comment and suggestion on how to improve on them where need be, We find independent monitoring visits important and critical in contributing towards projects development sustainability and ownership by the stakeholders as well as the donor agencies value
12. For their input the organization enjoys the political will of the state.

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