kaknockfoundation-Child Youth grassroot Center

Organization Description: 

Kaknock Foundation is a voluntary non sectarian, non profit making youth organization receiving special training and skills that enhance youth and children?s ability to recognize, respond to and recover from major community health hazard in seeking to create safer and happier lives for adolescents mostly through child grassroot center program.

It originated in Busukuma sub county Wakiso District as a child youth program for kaknock foundation in 2007. Its goal was to support and encourage teens to live a healthy life. By 2008 the program had received much attention and an overwhelming number of requests for help from all over the county. In response, the first child youth grassroots center conference was developed and soon spread to villages and schools with main offices at Busukuma sub county headquarters.

In 2009 the program shifted to Kiwenda new where it?s now operating. Its a success that it led to further operational areas. The program has been successfully adopted in a number of villages, primary and high schools where sufficient children, youth and adults have been trained in the program. Mostly the program is due to extend to youth and children further.

P.O. Box 23541 Kampala
kampala (ug), +256
Mission Statement: 

Provision youth and children at village grassroots through child youth grassroots center access to quality adolescent sexual reproductive health youth friendly services reproductive health, youth friendly services and behavior change information and service, therefore Kaknock foundation work to halt the spread of HIV/AIDs and STDs/STs. The organization pursues aims and objectives without any political, religious, tribal gender and personal bias.

Helping children and youth make a personal commitment to abstaining from all unhealthy behaviours that may expose them to physical, mental and psychological disorders and analyze factors under lying the strong partnership established by the organization with its allies that led to the positive image and outline good practices that led to the promotion of the organization to areas of concern at community level.

Creating public awareness on child health and adolescence sexual reproductive health. Youth friendly services, behavior change and sermon appropriate help to the problems. This shall therefore help the growing moral acts in community include girl child exploitation.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Abstinence is valued. One of the fundamental beliefs of the Kaknock foundation is the importance of abstinent life, avoiding an healthy life styles and other addictive because they damage and destroy life. CYgC operates on behavior change side. Our ?playing field? is in harmony with restoration of God made healthy behaviors.

Kaknock Foundation believe founded on honor, dignity and respect of children and youth pastime and comprehensive approach to create a social environment where unhealthy behavior ad morals will have no appeal.

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