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The Karikuy Volunteer Program returns in 2015 after a 4 year renovation of the Karikuy Volunteer House. It has taken nearly four years to improve the infrastructure on our home base to allow for further expansion of our volunteer program in 2015 and beyond. Our 2015 season begins in March with lodging at just US$55 a week!. You will be expected to work Monday through Friday on our projects which include the Perupedia and Volunteer Planet databases, Blogging as well as fundraising and our humanitarian projects. On the weekends you are free to travel throughout Peru visiting locations such as Machu Picchu and the Nazca Lines. In addition to having the opportunity to live like a local, volunteers will receive help planning trips across Peru and be given special prices on services through Karikuy Tours Peru. This is great opportunity for bloggers and journalists as well as the passionate traveler who wants to have an in depth look at Peruvian Culture.

Lima, 0051
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Program Description Your goal while volunteering in Peru for Karikuy is to gather as much information about the Peruvian culture in order to present fresh content for Perupedia, our Blog and Volunteer Planet website. As a volunteer it will be your job to update these mediums with subjects that peak your interest whether food, dance, art, music, travel, sports, politics or history, you will have the flexibility to explore topics that engage you.. This volunteer program can truly be a young writers dream and a perfect opportunity for bloggers and social activists to polish their skills. Volunteers will also have the opportunity to work on our organizations Humanitarian programs such as our Kawsay and Karikuy-Haugen Fund. In 2015 we will be also running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for adding another floor to the Karikuy House. This campaign will be run by the volunteers for future generations of volunteers and help expand the program.

During your time in Peru your home base will be the Karikuy House. This home away from home is located in central Lima, 20 minutes away from the airport and 15 minutes away from the Plaza de Armas. The neighborhood is called Planeta, as traditional a neighborhood you can get in Lima, full of life and color, this neighborhood in Cercado de Lima was one of the first squatter settlements to be recognized by the government in the 1960's. Fifty years later this neighborhood continues to enchant visitors from abroad who wish experience the real heart and soul of Lima. Festivals, concerts and parties are common throughout Planeta and surrounding neighborhoods. Post Application We receive many applications daily and it takes time to review them all. We will contact applicants within 3 to 4 business days after application is submitted. Please submit a detailed application as it will improve your chances of being accepted into our limited program. Currently we only have space to house five volunteers at a time at Karikuy House.

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