Kathmandu International Study Centre

Organization Description: 

A little about KISC

When a few parents got together in the early 80s to discuss their children's high school education, they would never have imagined the flourishing KISC of today. Alan McIlhenny who was working in Nepal teaching maths in Pokhara was given the challenge of establishing a study centre that meant parents of high school children would no longer have to leave the mission field prematurely or send their children to boarding school. He researched the concept and wrote a PHD at the university of Surrey before returning to Nepal to establish KISC in 1987.

Their early vision was entrusted to God and from those humble beginnings; the ministry of KISC has been mightily blessed. Today our secondary and primary schools serve culturally diverse international students mainly from the mission community while our EQUIP Program serves teachers and schools across Nepal. In each area, we seek quality education for all while discovering and nurturing the gifts and abilities of individuals.

At our core we are a community working to transform lives and enable students and teachers to positively impact our world.

P.O. Box 2714
Dhobighat, P.O. Box 2714
Mission Statement: 

"To provide an international, quality education, based on the sovereignty of Christ and Christian values, primarily for students of the mission community, and to provide training for teachers, in order to equip students and teachers to positively impact their world"

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

At KISC we are passionate about:
Growing mighty oaks.
Knowing God is love and the Creator of the heavens and the earth.
Recognizing we are made in the image of God; unique, creative, relational, rational, volitional, emotional, spiritual and physical beings.
Sharing the good news that all creation is being redeemed by Christ from The Fall.
Being a learning community.
Participating in restoring God's goodness in all nations.

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