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This volunteer project in Africa includes: Medical Volunteering & Helping Children.

Rural Clinics in Cameroon. This project offers you the opportunity to:

* Gain medical experience in local clinics under our staff supervision
* Assist with local disadvantaged kids
* Immerse yourself in local Cameroonian culture
* Make friends for life

More about the Clinic & Medical Assistance in Cameroon

Cameroon is one of the worldÂ?s poorest countries and as a result health care and provision suffers as much as any other public service sector in the country. Whilst structures are in place for an effective heath service, there is an enormous deficit in terms of staff and resources. This is why our help is very much appreciated by the nurses and doctors we work with. As a volunteer, you will spend every morning in the clinic that you are assigned to. This gives you the chance to both make a positive impact on the health service in Cameroon, and to gain unique medical experience.

Medical Volunteers spend their time providing much needed assistance within the medical establishments of Cameroon. You do not need to be qualified for our Medical Project, you just need the desire to Impact!

The Medical Project consists of 3 main areas of work:

The Clinics - role of the volunteer within a clinic is to provide back up and assistance to a very understaffed clinic. Their main role within the clinic is taking vitals Â? taking blood pressures and temperatures and weights of the patients before they see the clinical officer. You will also be providing basic education on a variety of different subjects through our Â?Health TalksÂ?.

The Homes Â? The medical volunteers also provide assistance in centres for handicapped persons, Old PeopleÂ?s Home and Hospices. These homes provide comfort and care for the needy, but are very under staffed and under cared for! Volunteers provide a friendly face to these people who more often than not may not see much other than the four walls of their home. Volunteers go along, armed with games, puzzles and books and spend time with the patients.

Home Based Care Â? Our volunteers accompany community volunteers as they visit bed ridden or immobile patients across Cameroon. It is their duty to provide basic advice, comfort and assistance. This may mean chatting to patients about the importance of personal hygiene, exercise, making a patientÂ?s bed or doing a bit of simple house chores for them. Other patients may just need a healthy dose of conversation.

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