Kids Club Kampala

Organization Description: 

KCK is a Christian non-government organization registered by the government of Uganda. Its aim is to take/show hope and love to vulnerable children in Uganda and giving them the chance to be kids. KCK has registered 14 centers of operation, nine in and five outside Kampala respectively, with close to 10 centres more waiting approval, with these KCK is reaching over 4000 kids in the impoverished communities. Our desire is to provide sustainable changes in the communities we work and hope to achieve this by empowering the children and their mothers.

Falao stage, Taso-Kitala road
Kampala, 256
Mission Statement: 

To bring hope and love to vulnerable children by providing a safe environment for playing, whilst catering for their physical, emotional and spiritual needs

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Statement of Faith

We believe…

•In the authority of the Bible and that all scripture is God-breathed.

•In one God in the 3 persons- Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

•In God the Father-creator of everything in heaven and on earth.

•That man sinned and this separated man from God.

•That God sent His only son Jesus Christ to live among men on earth. He was both fully man and fully God and completely sinless.

•Jesus died on the cross to take the punishment for our sins, so that we could be reconciled with God.

•He was resurrected three days later, showing He has victory over death and brings eternal life.

•In the Holy Spirit, who now lives in all believers, and His power allows us to live holy lives, and to love and witness to the world around us.

•That anyone who believes in Jesus and asks for forgiveness will be saved and forgiven through faith alone and not by works.

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