The Kingdom Oil Christian Foundation

Organization Description: 

Kingdom Oil is a Christian Community Foundation located in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. We seek to network Kingdom minded individuals and empower ministry organizations to fulfill their calling.

Kingdom Oil serves as both a ministry and a financial Intermediary.

Our Ministry is to encourage people to think about the entire Twin Cities as God's Kingdom; a realm or place in which people collaborate and unify across historic barriers of denomination and race to serve God's purposes. We seek to grow this unity through strategies including Ministry Summits, structured partnerships called Community Partnerships, and through the networking of skills, talents, and resources directed toward the work of God in this community.

Prayer intercession is another element of our ministry. We value the power of prayer and seek to be in obedience to God and His plan for the Twin Cities. We have an intercession team of over 1500 individuals both locally as well as internationally. This team dedicates itself to intercession on behalf of Kingdom Oil, its member ministries, and the Twin Cities as a whole.

As a Financial Intermediary, we are a Christian Community Foundation which facilitates strategic giving in three ways:

(1) Financial services:

Donor Advised Funds--a process through which donors can contribute assets into a tax-exempt investment account obtaining an immediate tax deduction for the entire contribution while preserving the ability to recommend where those assets are ultimately distributed. One tool we use is Planned Giving--a process through which donors create a strategic estate, financial, and charitable giving plan with the assistance of planned giving professionals.

(2) The Ministry Impact Center--a network of ministry partners divided into seven separate areas of interest or "designations." We engage these ministry partners in a desire to empower their calling, connect them to interested investors, and strengthen their ability to see tangible impact while pursuing organizational excellence.

(3) Community Partnerships--a portfolio of collaborative investment opportunities focusing on the deepest needs of the Twin Cities and often involving partnerships with government, education and business communties.

Organizational Email:
701 Fourth Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55415
Mission Statement: 

To prayerfully and practically increase Kingdom Thinking, Generous Giving, Ministry Impact, and Community Partnerships.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Jesus calls us to love everyone while reminding us that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Kingdom Oil seeks to reflect this love through partnerships with followers of Jesus and other people of goodwill. At the same time, we affirm our faith in the uniqueness of Jesus as the Son of God.

We believe that God revealed His love most perfectly by becoming this man, Jesus; by dying; and by being resurrected for the forgiveness of sins and everlasting life. This truth is established in the Holy Bible, conveyed by the Holy Spirit, and celebrated wherever believers gather to worship. Finally, we believe that followers of Jesus are called and empowered by the Holy Spirit to bring His transforming power to individuals, communities, and nations until He returns.

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