Kingdom Unity Ministries

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We are empowered with knowledge to provide solutions beyond physical understanding, to treat in problems that are spiritual, supernatural, metaphysical, psychological, ethical, rational, emotional, mental, moral, psychic, paranormal, rare form of phobias and religion of Christian motives.

731 Norman Eaton Avenue
Pretoria West, 0002
South Africa
Mission Statement: 

Variety is the spice of life they say. God is a lover of variety; so also does man. That is why we defer spirit body and soul. Variety is a nature of God; so it is of man Lets us make man in our own image, after our likeness Gen. 1:26. ​ ​ Variety as a strong factor of man has spiced our world at every facets. How boring would this world have been if we all do the same thing? Variety makes the world so exciting. What would have been spectacular of the rainbow it came in one colour? The love and nature of God brought about the churches and its denominations, sects and beliefs. Through an outpouring of Gods grace, wisdom and understanding is abundant to men. ​ Many decades ago the enemy embarked on a campaign to fight back by channelling rebellious spirits into the hearts and minds of many spiritual administrators in Gods entities. This rebellion is fuelled by adversities like rivalry, envy, jealousy, dishonesty, hatred, un-forgiveness, greed, covetousness etc. This has left the institution of God to further tear apart as more denominations are springing up with an attitude -not to expand but to break away from existing ones. As a result of this, we have seen religious leaders contradict and antagonize one another. Sometimes they descend so low to accuse the personal lives of one another. Their followers also join in condemning doctrines and teachings of rival denomination and leaders.

The Lords has risen; he has bestowed upon many ministers understanding and inspiration to look beyond the rebellion and conquer the evil that the enemy is perpetrating via the rivalry of denominations. ​ Kingdom Unity is a ministry of God, a gathering of Christians that is not against denominations as a result of variety, but set to unite the hearts and minds of Christians to the actual purpose of what God created denomination for.

God created denominations to enable his ministers specialize or master in different gifts and powers, just like the military has different regiments and battalion that specializes on different weapons and functions. But we dont usually see the army rival and fights against itself if not the enemy. This, we cannot comfortably say about todays churches.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

If you observe the present church with wisdom, you will understand that a generation is passing away and a new age is at the horizon. Like the present generation of spiritual icons took over from their mentors and did greater exploits, the cycle of God is turning again.

Again, an outpouring of fresh unction, wisdom and understanding is upon Gods ministers of present age. Fresh and un-common powers are being release to combat modern satanic devices. The depth of human understanding in Gods word is the level of ones power, as understanding cometh by revelation as we engage in the pondering heart with the almighty.

A new generation of churches shall step up with wondrous powers and acts. To the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places might be known by the church the manifold wisdom of God (Eph:3:10). They will tackle and defeat the demonic strange of the devil, who with new devices torment the destinies of man. Kingdom Unity Ministries are part of it. With rare but divine understanding of Gods words we shall rescue and deliver the souls of men from all forms of spiritual bondage and wickedness.

When the faith of man fails him, remember there is a power that does not fail. It is called grace. To enjoy grace is very common, but to understand and harness the power of grace is very rare, because grace comes only from the heart of God. You cannot manipulate the heart of God, but you can provoke or invoke it to work to ones favour. By Gods grace we have no doubt that we shall prevail above whatsoever weapon the enemy is throwing at us in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen!

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