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The Kings Word Revealed Inc, is an umbrella ministry which houses over 10 smaller components, which range from housing programs to literacy and career training programs, a bible seminary and church.

9602 S. HOXIE
Mission Statement: 

My name is Rev. Dr. W. Esther Pitts and I am the founder of The Kings Word Revealed inc which is a non profit organization. last year my sons Kendrick and Carnell Pitts were both brutally murdered 2 weeks apart on the streets of Chicago. My youngest son Kendrick was killed in a triple homicide on February 20th 2009 on south Exchange ave, and 2 weeks later on March 6th 2009, Carnell was murdered on South Burnham ave.

That was a very hard time for my family to deal with but every day with help form the LORD we are becoming stronger.

I am a very strong advocate against Gun violence. It plagues my spirit every day that I turn on the news and I see where our young people are not only dying to this foolishness but they are also ending up incarcerated and loosing their lives as well. this is an epidemic which not only plagues Chicago but cities and states abroad.

we have people in and out of our city complaining about the violence and how it needs to stop, but who has really taken the stand to say enough is enough? we have march after march, candle light vigil after candle light vigil, prayer on the corner after prayer on the corner, but when all is said and done, those same people are back out on the corner ready to take another life.

my fellowship and I have initiated a day called LOVE FEST, that will not only touch the south east side of chicago, but we plan on taking this event through out the communities of chicago. This event will consist of food fun and family activities, guest speakers, live dj, singers, dancers greek steppers and etc. I am asking for your help to assist in the effort of not just saying stop the violence but actually "STOPPING THE VIOLENCE". I am asking that on our very first love fest which is set to kick off on July 17, 2010 from 12 noon to 7pm that if it is possible, that you all would come out and support the efforts of this organization. there is no charge or admission fee to get in this event it is simply all volunteerism.

please feel free to contact me via email by responding to this or by phone at 773-459-8251 thank you and may God bless you continually,

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one father, one son, one holy ghost

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