Kitchen on the Street Inc.

Organization Description: 

Kitchen on the Street
began out of a passion for helping those who cannot help themselves. Many years of volunteering in local shelters showed that the most vulnerable never make it to a shelter. Kitchen On the Street combats hunger by taking help and hope to children and families in crisis. Through our partnerships with local schools and our family programs, we are turning hunger into hope... one child at a time!

Organizational Email:
3218 E Bell Road, #203
Phoenix, AZ 85032
Mission Statement: 

Kitchen on the Street strives to provide for those in need, sharing food with the hungry, creating hope for those with little, and securing a sanctuary for those without. In Jesus ChristÂ’s holy image, we will fill our days with the passion to heal through His amazing grace and intersession, to spread the Word, and to be humble servants to the least for in so doing we will be serving our Lord and Savior.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Kitchen on the Street will bring glory to God by providing for those in need, especially the children. On our journey will provide food, hope and sanctuary for those without and doing so with a humble servant’s heart at all times until we have reached the multitudes out of every nation, of all tribes, peoples and tongues as it is written in the word of God.

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