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Welcome Hello from our Nepal orphanage! 'The Innocent Children's Home ( The Love Company Orphanage) is a non for profit orphanage that requires the help of volunteers to provide the love and support that is necessity in the development of every child's life. Your valued help is essential to ensure this orphanage provides the proper development that these children deserve, not to mention to reach the high goals that our organization has set.

Pokhara Nepal
Pokhara, 71031
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Our organization is registered to the government of Nepal and social welfare council, it is situated in Pokhara Male Patan 5. Recently we have established an orphanage called The Love Company Orphanage in Malepatan, We have 11 orphans at our orphanage, 5 girls and 6 boys. We need volunteers to help and take care our small children. For further information please visit our website: looking forward to hear all compassionate people to the children. With love and respect

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The Love Company Nepal

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