La Ventana De Los Cielos Foundation

Organization Description: 

1. Provide support and assistance to children with special needs. 2. Develop educational materials to promote awareness of the needs of children with special needs. Such educational materials will be developed in various formats including video, audio and printed materials. 3. Develop and promote services and technologies that will provide a better quality of life for children with special needs. 4. Provide support directly to families with special needs children. Such support will consist of educational, medical and financial support. 5. Promote awareness regarding the possibilities for early intervention and the impact of such early intervention on the future of children with special needs.

26900 South West 182th Avenue
Homestead, FL 33030
Mission Statement: 

The Window of Heaven Foundation will promote, advocate and protect the right of children with special abilities to a wholesome physical and intellectual development based on zoo-interaction, aqua-experience and equestrian activities.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Our work is guided by our ambition that human rights must be made a reality for all persons with special abilities. We thus contribute to the realization of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, as they relate to persons with special abilities.

We promote that the right to non-verbal means of communication, as established in the Convention, be made a reality for children and adolescents with special abilities, with methodologies that emphasize the sensorial and emotional abilities, surrounded by nature.

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