LAMB Project

Organization Description: 

LAMB has over 25 years experience of health work in northwest Bangladesh. For the last ten years, this work has been increasingly focused on the needs of women and children, in recognition that both groups are too often overlooked by other health services.

LAMB?s approach combines health promotion and disease prevention at primary (household, village), secondary (health care centers with basic curative, antenatal, and delivery care) and hospital-based health interventions in a single integrated program.

Development work takes the form of microcredit work with groups of women. Local informal and elected leaders are trained in accountability, integrity, leadership, management, and health service. oversight.

LAMB increasingly works in partnership with government health services, seeking to link community members, service providers, and local authorities in sustainable relationships to deliver responsive, accountable, and reliable services.

Organizational Email:
P.O. Parbatipur
Rajabashar, 5250
Mission Statement: 

People of Bangladesh, transformed by the love of God, live in healthy and just communities.
1. People most in need, especially women, children, and the poorest of the poor have improved health status.
2. Women-friendly, pro-poor, sustainable, and appropriate health policies and systems are implemented by the Government of Bangladesh, NGOs, and other health care providers.
3. Leaders and people of influence including community leaders, staff, health care providers, church leaders, heads of families take responsibility for health and justice in their communities and espouse Biblical values.
4. Communities themselves deliver and sustain equitable, accessible health and social systems.
5. People in contact with LAMB experience the love of Christ and are offered help to understand what they experienced.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We don't have a formal statement of faith, but are a Christian-led mission organization. We do follow a list of values which are written in such a way that workers of Christian (33%), Muslim (47%) and Hindu (20%) backgrounds can follow .

** Example of Jesus Christ: We will strive to follow the example of Jesus Christ in our personal lives and base our programs and activities on biblical principles.

**Humble Service: We will strive to carry out programs with individuals who are committed to work together as a community and humbly serve each other and our beneficiaries.

**Respect God-given Resources: We will strive to make the best use of the limited resources of personnel, time, space and funds.

**Accessible and Equitable Service: We will strive to make the services of LAMB Project accessible and equitable to the poor.

**Respect for All People: We will strive to be sensitive to the cultures and religion of the various ethnic groups in Bangladesh.

**High Quality and Appropriate Services and Programs: We will strive to see that all of our activities are of high quality and appropriate to the needs we are facing.

**Sustainability: We will strive to facilitate programs that are sustainable in terms of resources and impact.

**Model of Excellence: We will strive to monitor and evaluate all programs, with research and dissemination of our methods and expertise as appropriate.

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