The Latino Farmers Cooperative of Louisiana

4640 S. Carrollton Ave., Suite 200
New Orleans, LA 70119
Mission Statement: 

The Latino Farmers Cooperative of Louisiana, Inc. (LFCL) is a demand-driven, grassroots nonprofit organization planned and incorporated under the Louisiana Agriculture Cooperative Law. LFCL serves emerging farmers, enthusiastic gardeners and conscientious consumers by working together to provide access to farmland, resources, education and training so members can grow healthy food in urban sustainable farms, foster entrepreneurship and address the socioeconomic issues of the Latino community.

The Latino Farmers Cooperative of Louisiana is committed to bringing farming skills, healthy food and a sense of connection to the city for both adults and urban youth. By turning vacant lots into urban farms we beautify the landscape while creating a new space for people to learn about sustainable agriculture and create their own agro-enterprise.

The Farmer Incubator Project provides members with huertas or parcelas (micro sustainable urban farms) which help to create extra income and a spirit of entrepreneurship among Latinos. Meanwhile local residents benefit from the availability of fresh, locally produced fruits and vegetables at reasonable prices.

The Hispanic Resource Center provides emergency and ongoing services to Latinos facing hunger and extreme poverty. The Center provides both the resources and the space necessary to help members get back on their feet and start their own micro farming enterprises.

As an economic development engine, the LFCL's programs focus on sustainable ways to produce food and sustainable ways to provide economic opportunities and social justice for Louisiana's growing Latino population.

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