Learning Inglewood Style (LIST)

Organization Description: 

Learning Inglewood Style (LIST) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the academic performance of the students of Inglewood, California through tutoring and creative arts programs. LIST‚’s primary service is to offer tutoring to elementary school students and high school students, focusing on providing students with consistent, one-on-one opportunities to improve. One program thrust will be one-on-one tutoring, run by credentialed teachers and/or professional tutors for low cost. Another will be tutoring provided by volunteers. Creative arts classes, such as dance, drama, choir and photography will be offered as well during the summer months.

716 E. Hyde Park Blvd.
Inglewood, CA 90302
Mission Statement: 

Our mission at LIST is to help those children of Inglewood that are falling behind academically realize the full potential they hold. Education is a powerful tool. LIST seeks to empower children and renew the city by providing access to the opportunities gained through education.

Our vision is to start in the neighborhood and provide tutoring and creative arts programs to elementary school kids. The programs will be affordable and, being based in the neighborhood, accessible for all. Great things happen when people care for kids through tutoring and the arts – they get a tangible benefit of being able to keep up in school. Instead of becoming discouraged, kids get excited to learn and achieve more. But another thing happens; they feel cared for and see examples of people who have achieved much more – and hope begins to grow. People with hope lead changed lives, and LIST seeks to provide kids that kind of transforming hope. We see kids growing into leaders, going out into the world and making a difference in other’s lives.

We at LIST dream of becoming a conduit to hope not just to kids but to their parents and the whole community. There is tremendous need in Inglewood. LIST will be the place people come to learn what resources are available and get help gaining access to them. A greater stability and growth can come out of the neighborhood and change things for the better.

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