Liberty Learning Center

Organization Description: 

Since 2004, the LLC has provided year-round programs to help break the cycle of addiction, poverty, and crime. The LLC's licensed child care centers provide a safe environment and engaging activities for youth of all ages within some of the most impoverished areas of Baltimore City.

The LLC supports adults through education and workforce development training, providing the experience needed for economic self-sufficiency through on-the-job training opportunities that increase income and decrease the need for public support. The program aims to get individuals into the labor market quickly, while providing long-term job placement assistance.

The LLC mentoring program recognizes that children cannot raise themselves. They need caring individuals to help them when no one else will. Mentors are anyone that has a heart for helping a child in need. Urban children need to know that someone cares about whether they stay in school, off drugs, and out of jail. Mentors commit to working with a child for a minimum of 4 hours a month for one year.

Organizational Email:
2617 E Fayette St
Baltimore, MD 21224
Mission Statement: 

The Liberty Learning Center (LLC) of Holy Lamb Ministries, Inc. (HLM) is a non-profit educational outreach combining resources from community and faith-based organizations to create positive out-of-school activities for at-risk, urban children. HLM is an interdenominational Christian ministry practicing the Biblical command to "Love your neighbor as yourself." The LLC believes that early intervention in the lives of inner-city children can help break the cycle of addiction, poverty, and crime.

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