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The Livelihood Improvement and Focus on Empowerment (LIFE) established as one of the state level institution to initiative new kind of initiatives in the field of Civil Society and Governance. LIFE closely observed all emerging trends in India after nineties decade. We have observed many changes in the socio, economic issues of rural poor. Few positive and many negative changes have been occurring from past one and half decade. LIFE assessed the social development things in early days 1990. Afterwards a group of ideologists initiated this organization to address the development issues in new way. Initially our organization launched in 1993 with other name. From then we have been doing social development activities in Andhra Pradesh.

After entering in new millennium i.e. 2000, we decided to change our whole strategy and working style. The role of government is gradually changing towards economic development. The theory of welfare state and concept of development policies are changed shape. In this process Governance become pivotal thing. Policy formulation and implementation became a multiple task by state and civil society. LIFE has decided to work with a multiple strategy. We have been involving in policy formulation and implementation at various levels.
he Livelihood Improvement and Focus on Empowerment (LIFE), a civil society organization and research agency, is initiated as a dream to be different. It is proposed to serve the needs of multi-stake holders by enhancing their intellectual capacity and also to address key issues in democratic governance process. Through knowledge creation among various civil society organizations and other stakeholders, LIFE is committed to fulfill aspirations of all concerned employing various innovative methods.


LIFE is aware that the ultimate objective of the Government and Civil Society Organizations is to create a “new world”. Towards this end, the standard of living of marginalized groups has to be raised. A civil society can initiate progressive interventions in the society and advocate changes in the policy of the Government with this objective. By undertaking dissemination of knowledge for the socially excluded sections, LIFE aims to support positive discrimination policy of the government and thereby increase solidarity among civil society, governance institutions and marginalized groups.

LIFE is planning to achieve the above objectives by meeting needs of related agencies / institutions. It conducts action oriented research for civil society challenges. It is also proposed to promote innovative thinking among people, civil society and the government. LIFE began its life with a small group of development professionals, advisors and other senior government officials, with non-profit motto. They strongly feel that the role of civil society and government are potential priority areas in the emerging trend of “Global Village” concept. As a civil society organization, LIFE has to maintain balance between policy of the government and the needs of the public. LIFE has an independent team, and ready to serve requirements of all stakeholders. Keeping the above in view we recognized the following priority areas of development;

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