LIFE Community Services

Organization Description: 

• To establish at least two additional LIFE Care Centres in the neediest communities in George in next year.

• To bring the Good News Message of the Gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ to the children.

• To provide the children with a healthy meal at least four times a week. This provides for a preventive program for diseases such as Kwashiorkor, Marasmus, etc., which has a negative developmental affect, both mentally and physically. Many children suffer from this and other diseases.

Goals and objectives cont. • To provide life-skills training, moral training, as well as love and care for children whose parents are victims of HIV/AIDS and cannot take care of their children.

• Through the Gospel, to address the alcoholism problem in this area which has one of the highest ratio per capita in the country.

• To provide children and adults with training in health and basic hygiene.

• To provide adults with basic training in cooking, hygiene and nutrition, sexual life-style, family structure, leadership development, etc.

• Due to the high mortality rate among children because of AIDS, TB and other diseases, to bring education to adults and children in the community on these matters.

• With the help of the community, to determine needs in education and attract resources to address the problems.

• To train and facilitate services in teaching basic English, particularly to the children.

• To assist and encourage children who have left school to return and further their level of education in our Back-to-School programme.

• To work with the community and the clinics in providing basic health and first aid to the children.

• To provide counselling where needed in traumatized situations or to refer persons to counsellors. Many children and women are the victims of physical abuse and rape due to high levels of unemployment and alcohol abuse in this area.

• To assist communities in establishing guidelines for discipline and taking responsibility for children as well as adults.

• To provide marriage and family counseling to the families; we refer the families to institutions who specialise in these areas such as FAMSA

Goals and objectives cont. • To assist adults in skills-training; this could in turn lead to job creation.

• To create a common store-house to collect goods (food, clothing, furniture, etc.) that can be distributed to the needy in the community through churches and community organizations. This will create a store-house where the needs represented in the communities, could be met in an ongoing fashion.

• To create a place and opportunity for the children to develop in sport activities such as volley ball and soccer for instance.

• To bring resources to the community and assist the children in developing musical and other talents.

• To eventually duplicate the LIFE Care Centres concept in other parts of Africa where similar dilemmas are faced.

Box 1671
GEORGE, 6530
South Africa
Mission Statement: 

To see the heart of the community changed through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, by treating all people with love, dignity and respect.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

3.1 We as members of LIFE believe that the Bible is the word of God and authoritative proclaims the will of God and teaches us all that is necessary for salvation through Jesus Christ. It is the foundation of all that we do.

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