LifeLine, Inc.

Organization Description: 

LifeLine provides resources and healing opportunities for those impacted by sexual abuse or victimization. In addition to our online website, we produce an ongoing newsletter, blog, and events to help bring healing, deliverance, and restoration.

Events will include the following:

Deliverance & Restoration Weekends

D & R Weekends are retreats for male survivors to come together in a safe environment to address their victimization, find deliverance, and discover a restored life through support, counseling, activities, and prayer.

Truth Seminars & Training

Through seminars and training, we will help churches and organizations become equipped to identify and prevent childhood sexual abuse, learn what to do when an organization is faced with a legal & PR dilemma, divert potential crises related to sexual abuse, understand how to minister to victims, and how to incorporate life-changing, transformational counsel through already-established ministries and programs.

"No Chains" Conferences

Men’s conferences are not only informative, but also provide an opportunity for healing in a powerful and safe setting of support, covering a diverse agenda of topics from understanding sexual abuse to how to find deliverance and healing. Each conference will provide resources and an opportunity for men to find support partners and build long-lasting, healthy relationships.

On-Going Support Groups

While most events will take place occasionally, support groups are more frequent and on-going, providing opportunities for healing and restoration in a smaller group setting.

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