(The Lion's Den)

24 Manchester House
London, SE17 2DW
Mission Statement: 

The aim of (The Lion's Den) music collective is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout God's earthly kingdom. We recognize the power of music as a tool and share our lifelong walk with Christ with believers and non believers alike. We seek through the grace of God to constantly remind Christians that they are not alone in their struggle to walk in the footsteps of Christ. We openly share our triumphs, struggles, stumbles and lessons learned with those who have ears to hear.

To non believers we share our experiences so that they make come to know the power of the God we serve and the creator of the flesh they see before them. As Christians we are compelled to care for non-Christians (Colossians 3:12) in the same way that Christ cares so we often offer non-believers a different view and perspective on the world we live in.

The name and concept of the Lion's Den was formed on the premise that even in our most tumultuous circumstances we may in fact be exactly where God wants us to be. We see this as Jonah finds himself inside the belly of a whale, as Paul finds himself blinded on the road to Damascus and with Daniel in The Lion?s Den. (Jonah 1: 17, Acts 9: 3, Daniel 6:16)

Our commitment is a testimony and recognition of our talents coming from a higher power (Ephesians 4:11-12). It is recognition of God being the deserving party of the glory that comes with such talents. It is our submission to the will of God.

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