Living Hope Children's Home

Organization Description: 

Our Mission
Provide education, shelter and health care to the underprivileged children of migrant workers and slums in the cities of India. We will train them to be good citizen of the migrant workers and slums in the cities of India. We will train them to be good citizens of our country. They will be educated and some will be doctors engineers, teachers, nurses, social workers and good politicians. The Changes in their lives will bring transformation in their families and society, which will be a great benefit to our country. Once the society changes then the country will have great benefit.

Our Vision
Its is our vision and burden to help, educate and care for the 1000 underprivileged boys and girls by 2015. We have homes in Bangalore and Gauirbidanur (outside of Bangalore). In the future, we are planning to have children's home in different states of India. In this way we can take care of more than 1000 children, who have no proper food, clothes shelter, education and health care.

Today, the Living Hope Childrens home is a caring center for children of the migrant workers mainly from North Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. The center takes care of the boys and girls, provides them with food, accommodation, clothing, education and basic health care. The children are enrolled in public schools nearby the two centers. They enjoy games and other extra-curricular activities at the center as well in their free time.

Today in Living Hope Children's Home we have 3 centers, in Bangalore main branch (KA) there are 76 Boys & 18 Girls, Gauribidanur branch there are 19 Girls & in Orrisa branch we have 45 Boys & 13 Girls.

Organizational Email:
LHCH, KHB main road, S.1 2nd floor,3rd cross
Bangalore, 560032
Mission Statement: 

we are from the Living hope Church, and at the moment we are runnning an orphanage for more than 100 kids at the moment, we are praying to god that we may get some christian volunteers for these childrens to educate them more in gods word and to teach them some english, also.

we are hope that these children will see gods work in thier life and get transformation to be in gods presence for the rest of thier life...

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Our main fiath so far has been a strong hold, and all the time the kids have prayed when some times we did not food to eat all the kids had fasted and prayed and god did wonderful miracle and sent lot of unknow people on out way to provie wat ever we needed. thats that faith we all walk, today at living hope childrens home

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