Love and Serve Africa

Organization Description: 

Love and Serve Africa Volunteer Resource Center, was founded on a dream for a community where ordinary individuals, families, groups both national and international join efforts and resources to meet the needs of others and contribute to community development. As our motto says we want to give the opportunity for others to give a gift of service from the heart which being received and felt at heart has the potential of changing the life of another person or community for the better. We believe whatever comes from the heart goes to the heart! We are passionate about promoting volunteerism as an indispensable way of improving social well-being of our community. We believe in mobilizing external resources and harnessing local potential through volunteerism. We therefore encourage both national and international volunteers who have the spirit of reaching out to communities through voluntary work. To our volunteers we offer responsible volunteer experiences in carefully selected organizations that properly fit their time, interests, skills, abilities and goals. We offer them exceptional orientation as well as help and support throughout their placement that facilitates the ability to make a real difference. We treat our volunteers with high regard and we put them in quality programs.

PO BOX 33935
Mission Statement: 

To build stronger resilient communities in Africa by linking volunteers of all ages, skills, and interests with service opportunities in organizations committed to development

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We are all fearfully and wonderfully made in God's image
God is our provider
Jesus is our rock

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