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We started the Lahu Health Project in 1994 in the provinces of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai which are located in Northern Thailand. Our main purpose was to bring health care access to hill tribe communities.
During this time we realised that HIV / AIDS increased the burden on many families and left even more children orphaned as their parents passed away.
We saw an urgent need not only to care for health issues but also for the orphaned children. Thus we founded House of Hope in 1996, where children who lost one or both of their parents could find a shelter, education, food and the warmth of a family they need so much.
The Thai-Lahu Foundation was established later in 2000 which is now the patronage organisation of with love & care.
with love & careÂ?s vision is it to help hill tribes in Northern Thailand to face present problems and to fight against them. We especially focus on the difficulties of our offspring as we need to provide them with a suitable education in order to prepare them for the future.
The mission of with love & care is to provide education, shelter, nutrition and the love of a family to disadvantaged and orphaned hill tribe children in Northern Thailand.
Programs and Projects:
All three programs - House of Hope, House of Grace and the scholarship program - were established to give children of various ethnic minorities a chance to receive a suitable education, nutrition and life skills. At our projects we teach children agriculture including life stock raising (e.g fish, pigs, chicken, and ducks), handicrafts and social activities.

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