Organization Description: 

Maanyi Parents’ Primary School is a private owned school and indigenous.

Our Vision is to attain a better health and future through education and acquire skills for self sustainability to needy orphans.

The school started on 15/01/2007 with 65 pupils. Gradually the number of pupils went on increasing today the total number of children is 642 from nursery to primary seven. Out of the 647 pupils, 123 are disadvantaged children who are getting free education but through difficult conditions. .

After realizing that Uganda is experiencing a world wide phenomena in HIV/AIDS, rape, Wars, poverty, Human sacrifice, prostitution to mention but a few which the children need to be protected from. The target of our vision is to counsel, mobilize, rehabilitate and educate the disadvantaged children who are living with very old helpless guardians after the death of their parents due to the chronic Aids disease and due to the fact that Uganda is among the third world countries, it’s major cash crop coffee have been affected by coffee wilt therefore Uganda is in a poor financial shape.

Mityana, 256
Mission Statement: 

To propagate and strengthen the christian community.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

A one stride reduces a distance of 1,000,000kms.

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