Madurai Health and Leprosy Relief Centre

Organization Description: 

Madurai Health and Leprosy Relief Centre ( MAHELERECEN) located in Madurai city, Tamil Nadu, India. It is a Non-Governmental , Non profitable and Charitable Organization rendering community based promotive and preventive services of Health education iec ( Information Education Communication ), case detection, Case holding POD ( Prevention of Deformity ), treatment and Rehabilitation services for cured leprosy persons in and around the Madurai district, These services are being given from the year 1991 onwards with the help of local persons philanthropic persons donations.

12/10,Sister Rose 2nd street,
Madurai, 625016
Mission Statement: 

1. To eradicate Leprosy from in and around the city of Madurai by Survey Education And Treatment (SET) programme and to render Hospital cure for the patients.

2. To help the Victims of Leprosy disabled cases and to Rehabilitate them through CBR programme for self Employment for do their routine hereditary work in their community.

3. To render a Comprehensive hospital and Immediate medical care for the general public in and around the District of Madurai while treatment of leprosy is completely free of cost for the patients, treatment of other general diseases will be billed on a standard profit making principle. The profit made by the general hospital programme will be pooled back in to the General fund and it will be utilized for the betterment of treatment and rehabilitation.

4. To intent a Community and family welfare programme to the public, free family Planning services and Immunization for the children.

5. To impart Health Education to the people regarding communicable diseases of TB, Cholera, Typhoid, HIV / AIDS, Leprosy and general health Care.

population coverage = 100000
hours of operation = 5 hours/day

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